Preliminarily report shows Optus has slowest network for the iPhone

IDC telecommunications analyst Mark Novosel is testing the four networks that will be used by the iPhone as part of a report to be released later this year; and it showed that Optus, the best plan for budget users, was the slowest.

In a preliminarily report, it showed that Optus had the slowest network by a significant margin between it and its rivals, especially Telstra and 3.

Times to ping to a Sydney-base server on an Optus network was 898ms; while Telstra took 214ms, Vodafone took 258ms and 3 (which does not sell the iPhone, but offering its network for the phone) took 151ms.

While Optus has refused to report on the report; Novosel said the results was based on 470 tests in various locations, though Optus is disputing it.

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