Pokemon XY: CoroCoro scans reveal another Mega Mewtwo, more pokemon and starter evolutions

Pokemon XY: CoroCoro scans reveal another Mega Mewtwo, more pokemon and starter evolutions


Latest CoroCoro issue has been leaked, revealing more information on the latest Pokemon games X and Y, including Mega Mewtwo, Mega Garchomp, starter evolutions and new Pokemon. Always wanted a T-Rex Pokemon? A supersaiyan Mewtwo? Or what about a customisable poodle Pokemon? This issue also includes some game-changing information, such as dual-type moves and changes in type advantages and disadvantages.

  • Mewtwo has two Mega Evolutions! The latest one is called Mega Mewtwo X and is exclusive to Pokemon X. It is Psychic/Fighting, has Steadfast as its Ability, and its Mega Stone is called “Mewtwonite X.” The original Mega Mewtwo is obviously called Mega Mewtwo Y, is exclusive to Pokemon Y, is Psychic-type, can learn Hypnosis, and its Mega Stone is called “Mewtwonite Y.”
  • Mega Garchomp has Sand Force as its Ability. 
  • Sand Force raises the power of Rock-, Ground-, and Steel-type moves by 30% while a Sandstorm is in effect. It also gives the user immunity to damage from Sandstorm.
  • Fairy-type is super effective against Fighting, Dark, and Dragon, weak to Steel and Poison, resists Fighting, Dark, and Bug, is not very effective against Steel, Fire, and Poison, and is immune to Dragon.
  • Steel‘s Dark and Ghost-type resistances are gone now.
  • Hariboogu (ハリボーグ) is Chespin’s evolution, Grass-type, and learns Mud Shot. Teerunaa  (テールナー) is Fennekin’s evolution, is Fire-type, learns Psycho Cut, and has a twig in its broom-like tail (will it evolve into a witch or something?). Gekogashira (ゲコガシラ), Froakie’s evolution, is Water-type and learns Bounce.

The evolutions look cool, but its all about the final evolutions

  • Two Fossil Pokemon are revealed: Chigorasu (チゴラス) the brown T. Rex, is a Rock/Dragon type has Hard Chin as its Ability, which increases the attack of moves involving the jaw, like Crunch. Amarusu (アマルス) the blue diplodocus-like Pokemon is a Rock/Ice type and has Freeze Skin as its Ability, which changes all its Normal-type attacks to Ice-type attacks and boosts their power as well.
  • Torimian (トリミアン), a white Normal-type Pokemo has Fur Coat as its Ability, which cuts the damage from moves that come into contact with it in half. A new game mechanic allows you to trim its fur to change its appearance. Round Eyes is a new Fairy-type attack it can learn.
  • Nyaonikusu (ニャオニクス) a Psychic-type cat, has major gender differences. Each gender has a different set of movepools, with the male’s movepool being more supportive and the female’s being more aggressive. The male can learn Miracle Eye whereas the female can learn Extrasensory (the female is on the left, the male is on the right). Nyaonikusu has Keen Eye or Infiltrator as its Abilities

Dogs, Cats and Dinosaurs…YES!!

  • For some reason Parting ShotGeomancy, and Oblivion Wing are listed as unknown types (???) even though Geomancy was originally announced as a Fairy-type move and Oblivion Wing was announced as a Dark-type move. Maybe Pokemon XY will introduce dual-type moves
  • There are five scientists associated with Team Flare: Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Akebi, and Kolea. Team Flare’s goal is to create a beautiful new world (and make money)
  • You can customize your clothes and hair at a Salon/Boutique. A famous actress named Karune helps you, and can also be battled. Regarding your trainer, you can also change your hair and skin colour at the start of the game, and will also be able to wear accessories.

The last page of the magazine (the last scan below) has also revealed TCG and anime news:

  • The first X/Y TCG sets will be named Collection X and Collection Y. A basic Fairy Energy will debut in the sets, and you can just barely see it in the scan.
  • Clemont one of the Pokemon XY gym leaders, and the female playable character ‘Serena’ are seen in the XY anime promotional poster with Ash. Will they be his new traveling companions?

Image Source: Serebii.net

IGN also revealed the evolution of Litleo, the Fire/Normal-type Lion cub. Awesomely named Pyroar, it is also a Fire/Normal-type whose abilities include Rivalry and Unnerve (and its mane has the Kanji symbol for Fire on it!). It can also learn the move ‘Echoed Voice’, which makes its power grow with ever turn, also effecting the Pokemon on your team in a Double or Triple battle.

Source: IGN

Pokemon X and Y releases in October 12th worldwide, only on the 3DS, and If you haven’t heard, the Gen 1 starter Pokemon are making a return in XY!

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