Pokemon X and Y launching worldwide on October 12

Pokemon X and Y launching worldwide on October 12


Nintendo has announced that its upcoming Pokemon 3DS titles – Pokemon X and Y – will launch worldwide (even Australia) on October 12. Nintendo also confirmed that there will be a new Pokemon type, and demoed a new virtual pet feature called “Pokemon-Aime”.

Nintendo will launch a “Fairy” Pokemon type, which will be super effective against Dragon-type Pokemon, and includes the new Eevee evolution Sylveon. It will also include retroactively Jigglypuff, Gardevoir and Marill (It is not sure if they retain their existing types). Nintendo has also announced some new Pokemon include Vivillion and Noivern.

“Pokemon-Aime” is their new virtual pet feature included with Pokemon X and Y that lets you form a “deeper connection” with your Pokemon. Think of it as sort of like Pokemon’s version of Nintendogs, where you can feed and care for them, and even pet them using the stylus.

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