Pokemon Sun & Moon: Version-exclusives and Pokemon Refresh

Pokemon Sun & Moon: Version-exclusives and Pokemon Refresh

The Pokemon Company continue to shower us with Pokemon Sun and Moon information, revealing even more new Pokemon and features. This time, we get to see version exclusive Pokemon, an improved grooming feature called ‘Pokemon Refresh’ and a glimpse at character customisation.


  • Passimian is a FIghting-type Pokemon with a new ability called Receiver – this Pokémon can inherit the Ability of an ally who faints in battle. Passimian is exclusive to Pokemon Sun.
  • Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic type with a unique move called Instruct – It can make the selected target use its most recent move again immediately, useful for double battles. Oranguru is exclusive to Pokemon Moon
  • Lycanroc is a Rock-type, and the evolution of Rockruff, its form changes depending on which game Rockruff evolves in. Its Midday form Lycanroc is exclusive to Pokemon Sun, and has a unique move called AccelRock – It slams into an opponent with quick moves. This move is guaranteed to strike first. Its Midnight form Lycanroc is exclusive to Pokemon Moon, and is able to use the move Counter, If it takes physical damage from an opponent, it deals double that damage back to the same opponent.


Pokemon Refresh looks to be a revamped Pokemon Amie, now letting you cure status conditions and groom your Pokemon. “After a battle, Pokémon sometimes end up all dirty. When that happens, you can take care of them and get them all cleaned up. By caring for your Pokémon, you can also cure status conditions like poisoning and paralysis that were inflicted on your Pokémon in battle.” You can feed them heart-shaped snacks called PokeBeans, and similar to Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon with high affection can avoid attacks and hold out on the verge of fainting.


In Pokemon Sun & Moon, there is much more character customisation, letting you change your character’s clothing, hairstyle, and even eye color. “You can change the look of your clothing with colorful dyes! Perhaps there’s a design you like, but you’d prefer it in a different color. Now that wish can come true!” 


Finally, with the new Z-moves, even more Pokemon are getting their own powerful and unique Z-moves. Pikachu pretty much becomes an electric meteor, smashing into the opponent with ‘Catastropika’, whereas Eevee uses ‘Extreme Evoboost’ calling upon its many eeveelutions to sharply raise its stats.

Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon is set to release this November 18th (November 23rd for the UK) only for 3DS systems.

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