E3 2014: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire coming to Australia on Nov 21

E3 2014: Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire coming to Australia on Nov 21


Nintendo has confirmed the release dates for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Omega Ruby at its E3 presentation earlier today. The game will be released in Japan, the United States and Australia on November 21. Europe will get the games a week later on November 28.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are reimaginings of the third generation of Pokemon games – Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire – previously released for the Game Boy Advance. Like the original, players explore the Hoenn region where they collect, battle, and trade Pokemon as they travel.

They also confirmed today that the two Pokemon featured on the game packages are indeed Groudon and Kyogre, but in their “Primal Reversion” form. This allows them to “reclaim their original power from nature’s energy and obtain even greater power than they already have.” Nintendo says that there is a close connection between “Primal Reversion” and Mega Evolution, introduced in Pokemon X and Y.

They provided a quick description of the two new Pokemon:

Primal Groudon is brimming with energy, which pours from its body as magma. The magma burns at such an extreme temperature that its body is always shimmering ruby red from the haze of its heat, giving off light in the darkness. Through Primal Reversion, Primal Groudon becomes much larger and adds Fire type to its Ground type, raising the power of Fire-type moves it can learn. Primal Reversion greatly boosts Primal Groudon’s Attack. Its Ability may get a boost during this epic transformation, too.

Primal Kyogre, a Water-type Pokémon, is awash with energy that spills from its body as seawater. Its blue skin shines like a sapphire and is half-translucent like the sea. Primal Reversion greatly boosts Primal Kyogre’s Special Attack. Its Ability also seems to get a boost, although this information cannot yet be confirmed. Primal Kyogre is massive, growing to be more than twice Kyogre’s size.

The E3 trailer for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire is below.

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