Pokemon Black and White: Starters & Trainers

Pokemon Black and White: Starters & Trainers

Pokemon Black and White: Starters

It is never too early to start picking out your kick-ass team of Pokémon for the new Pokemon games, even if it’s still quite a ways away from being released. Of course, the most important decision to build up a Pokemon team is two choose which of the 3 Starter Pokemons you begin your journey with.

‘Thanks to an image published in latest issue of CoroCoro (Japanese Magazine), you can now choose between the formerly silhouetted Pokémon Black and White starters, based on which one you think it the cutest, which is basically the most important factor of choosing your starting Pokemon.

The three Pokémon pictured above are named Tsutaja, Pokabu and Mijumaru (from left to right), and probably will change the names for the English-language versions of the game.

Tsutaja is a lizard like Pokemon, and the Grass-type starting Pokemon. It is the colour light green with a cream coloured stomach, it has really big eyes and a flat leaf tail. Pokabu is a pig-like Pokemon that is Fire-type. It has a chubby body, is the colour orange with black, and has a red orb at the end of its curly tail. Mijumaru is a Sea-Otter-like Pokemon, which is the Water-type starting pokemon. It looks more of a sad clown with a badly shaped body and face.

Pokemon Black and White: Trainers
CoroCoro also revealed the somewhat older-looking trainers featured in the game, it has been said that the Trainers are young adults instead of children, in the past Pokemon games. The Story of the game is unsure, and the North American and European versions of Black and White have been confirmed for a Spring 2011 release date.

If you compared the 1st Generation to the 5th Generation, you would realise that over the years, Pokemon have become more uglier and complex. The Pokemon in Generation 4 and 5 look nowhere near like the 1st generation. These three starting Pokemon in Black and White look alright, but they don’t seem like Pokemon as they have weird body shapes, and the Trainers look as if they haven’t seen a Barber in a few years.

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