Pokemon Black and White: Legendaries

Pokemon Black and White: Legendaries

The Japanese Pokemon Website has revealed the fifth generation Pokemon or Pokemon Black and White Legendaries, Reshiram and Zekrom.
The cover of the Pokemon Black version will feature the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram, and the White version cover will feature the Legendary Pokemon Zekrom.

Pokemon Black VersionPokemon White Version

Reshiram is white in colour with blue eyes, possessing big wings and claws. Reshiram somewhat has familiar features such as Palkia’s feet and Darkrai’s head and tail? It also has a weirdly shaped body and tail, and it looks quite powerful and elegant.
Zekrom, on the other hand, is colour black with glowing red eyes.

It has a more ‘robotic’ look, which also has similar features to Magmortar’s hands, Mewtwo and Dialga. Zekrom has a similar body shape to Scizor and looks as if a jet engine is connected to its tail. It looks more slower and defensive out of the two.

The two Legendaries look quiet amusing, but Zekrom is the better looking out of the two as it doesn’t look like a long-necked chicken
Their type is to be Dragon-type. Whether they will get a secondary type is currently unknown.

The Japanese site tells that the two Black and White Legendary Pokemons have a strong connection to the history of the Isshu Region, and they are the key to the games story. Other than these two versions, there will be a new generation of Pokemon (Hopefully they are more amazing than the previous 2 games). The game will also be available on Nintendo DS, and possibly the 3DS.

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