PlayStation Release Ratchet & Clank Game Teaser + Gameplay Footage

PlayStation Release Ratchet & Clank Game Teaser + Gameplay Footage

Ratchet and Clank, the beloved PlayStation originals series, is being made into a feature film to be released April 29, 2016. We already know that. What we also knew was that the original PS2 series was getting a next gen console reboot. And here it is.

It is most definitely a reboot, with the slogan “The Game, Based on the Movie, Based on the Game”.  Looking back the original announcement of the movie, the developers already made it clear that the storyline would differ in various ways from the original.

We started out thinking of Ratchet & Clank (PS4) as a “re-imagining” of the 2002 original, revised to tie in with the deeper version of Ratchet’s origin story as seen in the film. We envisioned a curated Ratchet & Clank experience that borrowed from the spirit of the classic PS2 titles while infusing some of the best elements from the Ratchet & Clank Future games.

Whilst some were wary of the changes, I was just ecstatic that the series is coming back to its roots – or near enough. PlayStation has now released a full statement, giving a comprehensive overview of what to expect.

We ended up with a new game, with elements based on the original – but now with modern controls, several new planets, new and updated gameplay segments, all-new Clank gameplay, all new boss fights, new flight sequences, and more, all constructed to take advantage of the PS4’s graphical prowess. Throw in James Arnold Taylor as Ratchet, and you have a new beginning.

Released alongside this is also a gameplay preview. The eight minute preview sheds more light into the actual feel of the game, and begins to show just how they’re warping the two storylines together.

The trailer shows a solid mix of old and new, with the locations featured being: “Aleero City” (which looks awfully similar to Metropolis… but that’s cool) and Nebula G34, the Blarg station. Sassy dialogue is thankfully still in place, and personally, I’m excited, but what do you think?

The game is set to have a playable debut on the E3 showfloor next week. Ratchet and Clank is set to come out Autumn 2016.

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