PlayKids - the Netflix for Kids - launches in Australia

PlayKids - the Netflix for Kids - launches in Australia

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I’m stating the bleeding obvious, but young children love tablets. In the UK, for instance, just over a quarter of kids aged 3-4 surveyed now use a tablet as their main computer. And just like everyone who uses a tablet – they need content to be entertained. And one service, described as the “Netflix for Kids”, wants to make that easier for parents to find said content for their kids.

PlayKids is a subscription service that offers access to a wide range of fun and educational content and games targeting preschoolers – such as Peppa Pig and YoGabbaGabba. The service recently launched in Australia a couple of days ago, after being available in the United States, the UK, Canada and its hometown of Brazil.

All of the content is accessible via its app – on iOS and Android (not available in Australia, at the time of writing). Users will be able to download the episode for offline viewing, and pay for their subscription through the application.

However, PlayKids could find tough competition in Australia – both offline and online – with the ABC. Preschool content is already available via the ABC iView app, and it already offers a free-to-air television channel dedicated to preschool content. However, unlike PlayKids, the ABC offers episodes for two weeks after airing.

It is available now on iOS.

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