Pirate Party Australia announce Senate candidates

Pirate Party Australia announce Senate candidates


Pirate Party Australia has announced their Senate candidates for this year’s election – hoping to replicate the success of other Pirate Parties across Europe (most recently, in Iceland).

President David Campbell and Secretary Brendan Molloy will contest the Senate seats in New South Wales – with Molloy being the lead candidate. The other candidates include:

  • Joe Miles and Geoff Hammett for Victoria
  • Melanie Thomas and Liam Pomfret for Queensland
  • Thomas Randle for Tasmania

“Australia needs strong representatives that actually stand for principles. I intend to be that representative, pushing back on the encroaching surveillance state of data retention and Internet censorship, while offering positive and much needed reform for copyright, digital liberties and civil liberties,” Brendan Molloy said in a statement.

“For too long the electorate has been treated poorly by the incumbents, assuming that the voter will only choose between the big two parties. We offer Australians a real option for political change. I look forward to the public discourse, and hope everyone will join us in creating a better future for Australia.”

Pirate Party Australia was created in 2009, following the footsteps of the first Pirate Party in Sweden by Rick Falkvinge (who created the party in response to tough copyright laws). Now, there are Pirate Parties in 40 different countries – all who support direct democracy, reform of copyright and patent law, information privacy, and transparency and freedom of information of government.

The Pirate Party has managed to get a lot of their success in local elections – but has representation in the European Parliament (Sweden); as well as having a parliamentarian in the Czech Republic, and recently three members in Iceland.

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