PIPA - the race is still on, who still supports the bill?

PIPA - the race is still on, who still supports the bill?

Image: Skye Suicide/Flickr (Creative Commons)

While the Stop Online Piracy Act is in the backburner (for now), its Senate cousin – the PROTECT IP Act – is still going ahead despite growing opposition. The vote is still going ahead on January 24 (or January 25 our time), all thanks to Harry Reid (D-NV).

In our long report, we revealed that Harry Reid was getting more than US$500,000 by the entertainment industry. So it’s no surprise that he is supporting the law and is pushing ahead with the bill despite growing objection.

New data, thanks to ProPublica has seen a substantial rise in the Senate who opposed the bill. Before, only 5 senators opposed and 48 supported the bill. Now, 37 senators are opposed and 22 now oppose the bill – 13 of which were former sponsors of the bill. Propublica’s data also reveal six more are “Leaning No”.

In addition, according to Politico, Reid (who is the Senate Majority Leader for the Democrats) will not be pressuring other Democrats to tow the party line and vote for it. This move could mean that the bill will not have the 60 votes needed to close debate and move for a vote. Despite that, a large degree of Democrats still remain supportive of the bill.

We’ll update you on the PIPA Senate movements when new data comes in from Propublica.

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