Pebble announces it will begin shipping January 23rd

Pebble announces it will begin shipping January 23rd


Despite a few technical difficulties with their livestream, most visibly the fact that the Pebble CEO, Eric Migicovsky, had a blue face, Pebble finally announced the time it will take before backers and new customers can buy a Pebble smartwatch at a keynote from CES 2013.

Starting January 23, shipment will begin worldwide, yet with 85,000 backers it will be staggered, meaning yours could come weeks after the first shipment. The company only just started mass-production, as well as began ramping up the number of devices it can create in a week, and at its peak, Eric Migicovsky says, 15,000 Pebbles are made. Of course, which colour you choose for your Pebble could presumably change your ship-date dramatically, depending on popularity for that colour.

Are you getting a Pebble? What colour, and are you excited? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @ces2013.

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