PEACOCK: The end of Netflix?

PEACOCK: The end of Netflix?

Peacock is NBCUniversal’s newest streaming service and the latest major entrant in the streaming wars game, currently only available in the US. Gidon Katz, the president of direct to consumer at Peacock, truly believes they can win by doing something the competitors can’t offer and won’t offer: free premium entertainment, mostly.

Heres why.

When Peacock launches, it comes with three different tiers, starting free.




This is more of a game changer than you’ll realise. The free is ad-supported and gives people access to over 13,000 hours of quality content, breaking news and sports programming, plus samplings of Peacock original series, but not full access.

Peacock Premium is a $4.99 monthly tier that gives you over 20,000 hours of quality content, including all Peacock Originals and exclusive live programming, however, it will still feature some ads.

Top if off there is the Premium Ad-Free version for $9.99 monthly. THis offers the same thing, but no ads.

Comcast and Cox subscribers in the US will be able to get Premium at no additional cost.

Bad news for Netflix?

This is bad news for Netflix, and other competitors like Quibi. Why? They’ve innovated. Peacock is offering a “reimagined” cable package to take what cable TV used to be, and change it for today’s standards.

Comparing to competitors, $10 a month is less than Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu without ads. So this is going to be a huge benefit for consumers as well.

The streaming wars continue, what do you think will happen to Netflix? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook!

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