PAXAUS Indie Showcase: Wildfire

PAXAUS Indie Showcase: Wildfire

indies-2762At PAX Australia, I had the opportunity to play the latest game from Sneaky Bastards, Wildfire, a 2D-platforming stealth game, where players must use the elements to elude and hide from enemies while saving your village. Players are able to start fires to scare enemies, freeze water, and even move grass to create new hiding spots. The game allows players to either play stealthy – avoiding all combat, or play aggressively by setting the world alight.

The level I had to the chance to play was quite challenging – as there were guards and archers blocking a gate on a bridge – leading to the end of the level. The AI of the enemy were brutal. If one of them spotted you, they immediately charge after you until they loss line of sight. For archers, they would just keep shooting at you in quick succession. For a person who likes rushing into things, this was quite frustrating as I would constantly die in mere seconds. Therefore, I had to play slow and methodologically to get to the end.


The movement in the game is straight forward – similar to a traditional 2D-platformer. Additionally, players can hide within grass patches to reduce their visibility, and create vines by throwing grass on ledges to climb to higher. Additionally, jumping from platform to platform created a sound ring, which will draw the attention of nearby enemies – meaning that I had to act cautiously when moving around, trying to remain stealthy.

By using the environment around me, I was able to steal fire from an enemy camp to start a wildfire, setting nearby grass on fire – scaring the enemy off a cliff. On top of that, the fire could be used to burn through the gate, allowing me to walk straight through; set the bridge on fire – allowing myself to swim to the other side; or just setting the guards on fire. Therefore, I had multiple options to complete level, allowing anyone to play the game how they want to.

Wiidfire is a fun but frustrating stealth game where the player must use everything around them to sneak pass the enemy, and maybe inadvertently starting fires along the way. The game is set for a 2017 release via the Steam Store.

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