PAXAUS Indie Showcase: Mini Metro

PAXAUS Indie Showcase: Mini Metro


Developed by Dinosaur Polo Club, Mini Metro introduces a minimalistic strategy simulation game, where you are tasked to build the most efficient subway system. You draw lines between each station, and are given limited resources, like extra trains and tunnels to add onto your system – you quickly understand the game’s objective of getting people (or shapes) where they need to be.


The game uses simple colours and shapes that make it easy for players to distinguish train lines. The controls are simple, letting you connect your stations any way you please, but as more stations start appearing, you run into the problem of efficiency and need to start figuring out the best railway design to keep everyone happy. The game includes a handful of maps that bring new challenges and obstacles – and if your subway system is looking really hectic, the game lets you pause and redraw your routes.

Mini Metro is available now on Steam, iOS and Android, definitely check it out!

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