PAX Australia 2014 tickets now on sale

PAX Australia 2014 tickets now on sale


PAX Australia have finally put the tickets on sale today – with more tickets available this year thanks to its new location in the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The show is also expected to get bigger, with most feature areas getting a 50% increase in capacity and theatres able to hold three times more people than before.

International visitors will also be able to purchase a special Three-Day International Pass so they can have an equal opportunity to see the show. There will still be the three-day and one-day passes for domestic audiences – $55 per day, $150 for the entire three days. And if you want to bring your own computer, that’s an additional $45 on top of your ticket.

You can get the tickets now at the PAX Australia website. And yes, TechGeek will (hopefully) be there covering the event.

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