PAX AUS 2014: Hands on with Logitech Orion Spark

PAX AUS 2014: Hands on with Logitech Orion Spark


RBG keyboards have been taking the gaming world by storm, allowing gamers freedom to customise their appearance of their gaming rig. Logitech has just announced their contender: the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. Made from the combined input from gamers and eSport athletes, this keyboard was specifically design to provide that competitive edge.

Using the latest and exclusive Romer-G Mechanical Switches, input lag is now a thing of the past – due to a 25% increase to the response time. Moreover, forget able wear and tear, the keyboard promised increased durability. Additionally, the Orion Spark will feature nine programmable buttons and three different profiles, allowing gamers to designate different commands and macros for convenience.

Also incorporated into the design is the upcoming Arx Control integration. From your mobile device gamers are able to access Logitech Gaming System, providing access to key information, such as in-game intelligence, system performance, or acting as media controls.

At PAX AUS, we were lucky enough to have some time with the Orion Spark, testing the feel of the keyboard. Unlike most Logitech mechanical keyboard, the Orion Spark did not have the expected ‘clicky clack’ expected from mechanical keyboard. Moreover, the keyboard had a unique design which the feel for the main keys (i.e. WASD and the programmable keys) were slightly different allowing gamers to easier find this key.

The Orion Spark is expected to launch in the coming weeks at major retailers at a suggested retail price of $249.95.

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