Panasonic brings out new “flagship” VIERA plasma

Panasonic brings out new “flagship” VIERA plasma


CES 2009 : Panasonic has announced a huge line of new Plasmas and LCD TVs to be released during 2009. One of them, and being claimed as the “flagship VIERA plasma” for this year is the Z1 series of plasmas. It, along with the other line of plasmas from Panasonic, will have the new VIERA CAST service.

The plasma is only one-inch thin, and is a THX Certified Display. It also has support for 1080p, 4 HDMI ports, an Infinite Black panel, a 600Hz Sub-field Drive, the new VIERA Link and VIERA Image Viewer. It’s “Neo PDP design” also gives it a brighter picture, deeper blacks and improved contrast resolution of 40,000:1.

It will be available in stores at the summer of 2009 with the TC-54Z1, its 54-inch plasma. No pricing is available as of this date.

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