Panasonic brings out new camcorders

Panasonic brings out new camcorders


CES 2009 : Panasonic has unveiled its new camcorder line for 2009, with the addition of two new Hard Disk Drive (HDD) models, the SDR-H80 and the SDR-H90; and one SD card model, the SDR-S26. All of them will feature the new “Optical Image Stabilisation” and a powerful (and first) 70x optical zoom.

The new Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS) use Gyrosensors to detect the hand shaking, and will shift the lens to correct the optical axis – all just to reduce the effect of the hand shaking when you zoom onto an item on the maximum magnification.

All of them also include easy upload to YouTube via its VideoCam suite application, a “Quick Start” mode that just takes 0.8 seconds to start up, and an easier way to burn their video into DVD discs – and it is also easier by attaching the camera to the VW-BN1 DVD burner accessory, which is optional.

The SDR-H80 will have a 60GB internal HDD, and the SDR-H90 will have an 80GB internal HDD (and you can store your video onto an SD/SDHC card). The SDR-H80 will cost $449.95, and come into four colours (silver, black, red and blue); the SDR-H90 will cost $499.95, and only come in black only; and the SDR-S26 will cost $329.95, and will come in champagne, black, blue and red colours.

All are expected to be at stores in April 2009.

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