Outlook.com out of preview, starts migration of Hotmail users and massive ad campaign

Outlook.com out of preview, starts migration of Hotmail users and massive ad campaign

Stewart Wilson / techgeek.com.au

Just six months after its initial release, Microsoft’s new webmail service, Outlook.com is leaving the preview stage and is set to replace the old Hotmail brand. Microsoft says that Outlook.com currently has over 60 million current users and will start migrating it’s 360 million Hotmail users to the new platform. While the switch is voluntary at first, Microsoft hopes all Hotmail users will migrate to the new service by summer (or Australia’s winter).

Now that the service is out of preview, Microsoft will be setting out on a large-scale ad campaign for the free email service. The campaign which will include both TV and digital advertisements will not focus on the recent scroogled effort but feature an upbeat, cool vibe focusing on the features of Outlook.com and how easily it integrates with the rest of Microsoft’s products. We’ve included two of the advertisements below.

The switch to Outlook.com from Microsoft’s old platform Hotmail will be voluntary at first, prompting users to switch themselves. However, Microsoft will force users off at a later stage. Users can keep their existing email address (hotmail.com, live.com etc) when moving to Outlook.com and have the option to move to a new email address should they choose.




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