Our CES 2012 Live Schedule

Our CES 2012 Live Schedule

If you haven’t noticed, we’re covering CES 2012! However, we won’t be in Las Vegas – because it would be a bit outside of our own budget. Instead, we have converted a garage as a studio and we will be covering the all-important Microsoft Keynote and discuss the happenings at a more accessible time for all our Australian readers.

We will also have comprehensive text coverage, including covering all the events from Press Day in our super live blog. The following times are below:

3:00AM – LG Electronics
4:00AM – Intel
5:00AM – NETGEAR & Sharp
9:00AM – Samsung
10:00AM – Panasonic
11:00AM – NVIDIA
12:00PM – Sony
1:30PM – Microsoft’s Keynote

A sneak peak of our studio (Image: Tom Solari/techgeek.com.au)

We’ll also be having live video coverage of both Sony’s Press Conference and Microsoft’s Keynote with live commentary from our editors in our studio.

In addition, we will have a daily recap from Tuesday to Friday of the happenings of CES at 8:00PM with Terence, Stewart, Tom and Chris. Following this, on Thursday, we will have a special GADGETLYST BYTES episode “Couch Hour”, and Friday, we will have an episode of TECHGEEK WEEKLY.

Tuesday 12:00PM – Sony Press Conference
Tuesday 1:30PM – Microsoft Keynote
Tuesday 8:00PM – CES Update
Wednesday 8:00PM – CES Update
Thursday 8:00PM – CES Update
Thursday 9:00PM – Gadgetlyst Bytes
Friday 8:00PM – CES Update
Friday 9:00PM – TECHGEEK Weekly

You can see our live video coverage on our website at techgeek.com.au. Hope to see you there.

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