Optus wants you to help them fix their network with new Android app

Optus wants you to help them fix their network with new Android app


Optus will use crowdsourcing to help find problems with its network – such as slow data speeds, signal coverage inside buildings, and black spots – with the help of its Android customers thanks to its newest update to its OptusNow app.

The app automatically sends network information from your phone at any given location, letting them pinpoint where to fix the issues. The feature is an opt-in feature (you can later disable it if you wish) and runs in the background, but Optus says that it will not have access to any data you have on your phone or browser. Also, because it runs on the background, it might have an impact on your battery life, so take that into consideration.

“Our customers tell us network quality is one of the top reasons for choosing their telco, so understanding actual network experience and making improvements based on this are absolutely critical for us,” Amanda Hutton, head of Customer Experience for Optus, said.

“No network is perfect, but with our customers’ help, we want to make the Optus mobile network the best in Australia. Through strong investment, smart partnerships and real feedback from customers, we’re well on our way to delivering this.”

The app can be found at the Google Play store.

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