Optus unveils iPad plans as well: $20 for 2GB

Optus unveils iPad plans as well: $20 for 2GB

Thought Telstra would be releasing their iPad plans, well it looks like Optus is getting their own plans. Soon to be announced, some Optus spokesperson has e-mailed ZDNet journo Ben Grubb with some information about their iPad data offerings, who quickly sent out a screenshot via Twitter (as seen on the right).

For $20, you can get 2GB of 3G data; while $30 will get you 3GB and $60 will get you 8GB of data to use for applications like iBooks and the ABC app. Like Telstra, they will be prepaid and will expire within a month. It’s also confirmed that Optus will not be selling the iPad directly, but more details will be released “soon”.

Compared to what Telstra has announced, $30 will get you 3GB on Optus and Telstra. However, at the $20 price point, you can get 1GB on Telstra but 2GB on Optus – more storage for your dollar.

The iPad will be sold on May 28.

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