Optus reveals their iPhone 5s plans

Optus reveals their iPhone 5s plans

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Optus has finally revealed their plans for the iPhone 5s, being the last of the major three telcos to do so. However, unlike Telstra’s iPhone 5s plans – where customers are paying much more compared to the iPhone 5 (despite minor improvements); Optus’ iPhone 5s plans are roughly inline with their iPhone 5 plans.

The cheapest iPhone 5s offering – the 16GB model on its $35 My Plan (with 200 minutes per month of calls, and 200MB of data) – costs $62 per month, which is exactly the same as the iPhone 5 16GB model on the same plan.

You can see the entire plan offerings below – all plans are on 24-month contracts:

16GB 32GB 64GB
$35 My Plan $62 $67 $72
$50 My Plan $69 $74 $80
$60 My Plan $74 $79 $86
$80 My Plan $85 $89 $96
$100 My Plan $100 $106 $112

You can buy the phone from Friday at 2am on its website.

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