Optus opens preorders for HTC One X, phone out on April 2

Optus opens preorders for HTC One X, phone out on April 2

The HTC One X smartphone has been confirmed to be on Optus’ network, and now we know when. Optus has announced that users can preorder the smartphone today on its website, and will start selling the device in April.

If users preorder it before March 29, then users will get the phone on April 2 for metro users and April 4 for those in regional Australia.

In terms of plans, Optus is having no handset repayments on its $59 Optus Cap plan and Business Complete plan. In addition, users will get two months free access – three if you are a business customer. Under the $59 plans, you get 2GB of mobile data, unlimited SMS and $750 worth of calls. Business customers get free intra-fleet calls and unlimited voicemail access.

The HTC One X features a polycarbonate unibody, a Tegra 3 Mobile Processor with a 1.5GHz Super 4-PLUS-1 quad-core processor. It also includes a 4.7-inch, Gorilla Glass-coated screen. It will also include BeatsAudio, promising to deliver an “authentic sound experience” and will run Ice Cream Sandwich.

You can preorder the phone from its website.

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