Optus opens pre-orders for Lumia 925

Optus opens pre-orders for Lumia 925


If you’re waiting for the Lumia 925 on a carrier plan, Optus has revealed its plans and has started taking pre-orders. For those who want to avoid the handset repayment fee, Optus’ best plan is its $60 My Plan, with 600 minutes of calls, 1GB of data and unlimited SMS and MMS messages.

The lowest you can go is its $58 plan, which has an $8 handset repayment fee on its $50 My Plan that includes 500MB of data and 450 minutes of calls. Alternatively, you can purchase the phone outright for $624.

If you are an existing Optus post-paid customer, if you sign up to the $58 or $60 plan, you will get a bonus 500MB of data if you sign up now with the Lumia 925. This does not apply to its $80 or $100 plans, which have 2GB and 3GB of data respectively.

The phones will ship out on August 1, and you can preorder the phone now via their website.

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