Optus offers "certainty" with special deal for Kogan Mobile customers

Optus offers "certainty" with special deal for Kogan Mobile customers

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If you haven’t heard, Kogan Mobile customers will be terminated from the Telstra network within the next 30 days. But there is some good news, Optus has announced a special deal to Kogan Mobile customers to entice them to join Optus Prepaid.

The deal pretty much is simply port your number to Optus on its Prepaid Social 4G plan; and for your first three recharges of $30 or more, Optus will double the number of data and standard talk time.

Optus Prepaid Social does offer unlimited text, unlimited access to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, and unlimited calls between Optus plans. However, unlike Kogan Mobile with 30, 90 and 365-day plans, you will need to recharge every 28 days since that’s when it will expire. Also, their data caps are not that generous. For a $30 recharge, you will get 500MB; and for a $40 recharge, it’s 1GB of data. That said, there isn’t a daily limit of 400MB a day.

I should also note the deal isn’t just only for Kogan Mobile customers, it also extends to Aldi Mobile as well. However, Aldi Mobile customers don’t have to fear as Telstra plans to put their customers on their prepaid network.

In order to take advantage of the deal, simply purchase a Optus Prepaid SIM and port your number via any Optus store, prepaid retailer or through its website. Fill in the relevant details – most importantly, your phone number and date of birth – and Optus will start transferring the number from Telstra’s network to its own. It does take a while, so best wait 24 hours to ensure the transfer is a success.

The deal expires on September 30, so better be quick.

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