Optus announces plans to reduce bill shock with a $10/day plan with a 30MB daily data cap

Optus announces plans to reduce bill shock with a $10/day plan with a 30MB daily data cap
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Optus has today announced that they will follow Vodafone’s plans in reducing global roaming charges – albeit in a different way. The company will merge its five roaming zones into two, and will introduce for post-paid plans “Travel Packs” which will set you back $10 a day. However, if you’re a huge data user, then these plans are terrible.

Zone One will include New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Asia, UK, Europe, the USA and Canada; while Zone Two will be Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The new roaming charges goes as follows:

Zone One Zone Two
Standard Text 50c/SMS $1/SMS
Phone Calls $1/min $2/min
Data 50c/MB $1/MB

Optus’ “Travel Packs” will, for post-paid customers, will let users have unlimited text and calls for $10 per day. However, you get a measly 30MB per day as well (in Zone One) – which is pretty shit, compared to Vodafone’s offering in letting you use your existing caps.

Pretty much, nothing has changed. If you plan to call people overseas and/or text, you’re better off with Optus’ new roaming charges. However, the most common reason why bill shock occurs is essentially data – and it has not been addressed by Optus’ new plans.

You will still get bill shock if you’re not careful, but at least you pay less than before.

The new rates will be in effect in September, while Travel Packs will be available in November.

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