Optus announces iPhone 4S 24-month contract plans

Optus announces iPhone 4S 24-month contract plans

Optus has become the first carrier to announce their plans for the iPhone 4S, which is heading to stores next week. The company plans to sell the iPhone 4S 16GB with $0 upfront under its $79 cap, which will certainly be somewhat expensive for some.

“iPhone 4S delivers some incredible new features and we are giving Australians more reason than ever before to choose Optus,” said Michael Smith, Optus Customer Managing Director, in a statement. “Our great range of value plans gives customers the freedom to enjoy everything iPhone 4S has to offer.”

Just hope that your coverage matches the value, however.

Under the $49 cap, all plans have monthly repayments (16GB – $10, 32GB – $15, 64GB – $19), and this follows in the $59 cap, albeit reduced. The $49 cap offers 1.5GB of data and $550 of included value; while the $59 cap includes 2GB of data and $750 of included value. Optus also offers a $79 with 3GB of included data, and the the 16GB and 32GB do not include monthly repayments.

Its plans for the lower-end iPhone 4 8GB has also been confirmed. $6 upfront for its $49 cap, while $0 upfront for all other plans.

Below are the tables form the plans, and the minimum cost you are spending for your 24-month contract.

Optus customers can pre-order their iPhone 4S at their website.

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