One Telecom/ONEseniors services cancelled, existing numbers lost

One Telecom/ONEseniors services cancelled, existing numbers lost


If you cast your mind back to August of last year, you might remember about the huge ispONE fiasco that cancelled over 280,000 mobile phone services due to unpaid Telstra invoices. Two major resellers, Kogan Mobile and Aldi Mobile were stuck in the middle while Telstra and ispONE worked out their differences in court. However, there were still a number of customers from both One Telecom and ONEseniors (retail arms of ispONE) which had ongoing landline and broadband services which remained in limbo while the appointed administrators did their work.

We are only now beginning to unravel the complex ownership and supply relationships previously in place.

Last Wednesday 7th of May 14, Vocus Communications Group acquired both One Telecom and ONEseniors in hope to reactivate the services which had been suspended by Telstra. In a press release sent by Vocus, James Spenceley CEO of Vocus commented on the situation stating: “We are only now beginning to unravel the complex ownership and supply relationships previously in place.”

“The disconnection of tens of thousands of retail customers (ONEseniors and One Telecom) is a blight on an otherwise strong and competitive telecommunications industry.  The decision to place these companies into administration arises from court proceedings to resolve personal disputes between the owners and has resulted in a worst case outcome for their customers, especially the ONEseniors customers.”

It is with great regret we have to announce that we have been unsuccessful.

Even though Vocus were working hard towards restoring the services of affected customers, they admitted defeat in a press release received on Thursday 8th of May 14. It stated “Vocus has been working around the clock since the acquisition was announced yesterday to restore the services of affected customers.  It is with great regret we have to announce that we have been unsuccessful.” and “Rather than protract the uncertainty any further, regrettably we have to confirm that existing OneSeniors and OneTelecom services will not be reconnected.  The only way for these services to be activated is for each customer to sign up for a new service.”

In the press document released, Vocus urged that they were contacting customers via letter, email, phone, text message and social media to advise them to need to transfer services away. Unfortunately, in a further document released today by Vocus, the decision was made to terminate supply agreements with Telstra. This means that the landline and broadband customers that had not yet transferred away have lost their existing landline number.

“The impact for ONESeniors customers is that they will no longer be able to keep their existing landline number.  So unless they have already re-connected with a new provider, their existing number is lost and cannot be recovered.  Any new services with a new supplier will require a new number.”

Customers are able to reconnect their services with other providers, however, it would be impossible to transfer or recover their existing landline number. Vocus have arranged for iPrimus to offer new services for customers. The iPrimus hotline number is 1300 314 132.

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