One More Thing: iTunes Match

One More Thing: iTunes Match

Steve Jobs just delivered one more thing at WWDC 2011, announcing iTunes Match.

For US$24.99 a year iTunes Match will scan your ripped (or pirated) music and match it with 256kbps DRM-free AAC songs from iTunes servers.

“We have 18m songs in the music store. Our software will scan what you have, the stuff you’ve ripped, and figure out if there’s a match. If you have to upload your whole library, that could take weeks. If we’re scanning and matching, we don’t have to upload them. They’re in the cloud.”

Sadly you have to use iTunes to listen to “cloud” music instead of a much easier web interface, which is a shame.

And the fact that Apple just tried to diss Google and Amazon for using a web application instead of a native one is sad.

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