One Laptop Per Child brings out Android-powered XO Tablet, new version of XO Laptop

One Laptop Per Child brings out Android-powered XO Tablet, new version of XO Laptop


The One Laptop Per Child Association has announced a brand new learning system running on Android called XO Learning, with the first new product taking advantage of this being their own XO Tablet. In addition, the association has updated specifications of its XO Laptop to include a touchscreen.

The XO Learning system runs Android, and is available for licensing to computer manufacturers, NGOs, governments and content publishers; and the user interface starts off with 12 dreams for children – such as an artist. doctor, banker, writer and DJ. Each dream then features a hero, a person that personifies that particular dream; and, apps and content that helps the child explore and learn around that dream. There will be three levels, so as the child advances in their learning, additional apps are already installed for them to further that knowledge.

All the content on the XO Learning system has been curated to ensure its appropriateness and education value; and will partner with Sesame Street, UNESCO, Common Sense Media, Little Prim and MyCityWay to help provide content.

The first system to run this new educational system is the XO Tablet, made by Sakar International in the United States. The tablet features a 7-inch screen, and will be on sale in the US through Walmart in selected stores and online.

The OLPC’s XO Laptop has also received an updated spec sheet, with the fourth-generation system including a touchscreen from Neonode while still retaining the dual-mode screen to use in full sunlight and in the classroom. It also features Marvell’s 1GHz multicore processor, and its system-on-a-chip. It will also include free educational software, as usual.

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