One Core Exam and Six Concentration Tests: What Advantages Can Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Bring You After Getting It?

One Core Exam and Six Concentration Tests: What Advantages Can Cisco CCNP Enterprise Certification Bring You After Getting It?

Wherever we look, we can find a continuous need and placement of technology. It has become a part of our everyday lives. And technological advancements are currently in constant demand for businesses around the world. That is why the companies are in need of certified professionals. These individuals are considered by the employers as those who are able not only to earn a sought-after credential but also perform the required tasks with the newly gained skills.

Cisco is one of the leading IT companies that offers its own certification program to enable IT specialists to take a step towards a better future. It is a pioneer of enterprise solutions and has an excellent credibility in the employers’ eyes around the globe. Therefore, in this article, we will pay closer attention to the CCNP Enterprise certificate offered by Cisco.

CCNP Enterprise: What is 350-401 ENCOR?

Cisco CCNP Enterprise is a professional-level credential that focuses on network technologies in an enterprise. It does not have any formal prerequisites, but you have to complete the core exam (350-401 ENCOR) to qualify for the second part of the program that requires that you choose one concentration test and pass it. All six exams from this category along with the core one will give you a separate certificate. Thus, if you pass two tests, you will obtain CCNP Enterprise as well as two other Specialist badges that relate to the ones you have taken.

The 350-401 ENCOR exam will give you 2 hours to complete about 100 questions. Its cost is $400, and you can apply for it at any testing centre offered by Pearson VUE or online. This Cisco exam covers the following objectives:

The 350-401 test is also a qualifying exam for two CCIE badges. Hence, after passing it, you can decide if you want to change your direction from the Professional level to the Expert one. You can prepare for the test with the help of the Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) training course offered by Cisco right on the exam webpage.

CCNP Enterprise: What concentration exams does it have?

As we mentioned earlier, for the second part of the CCNP Enterprise program, you can choose a certain specialization you want to proceed with. All of them cover emerging and industry-specific topics, so it is up to you what to choose. Here is a full list of the concentration exams:

  • Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-430 ENWLSI);
  • Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (300-425 ENWLSD);
  • Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (300-415 ENSDWI);
  • Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions (300-435 ENAUTO);
  • Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD);
  • Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300-410 ENARSI).
  • Download Cisco DevNet Professional

You can prepare for each of these certification tests through the corresponding training courses offered by Cisco on their individual webpages.

CCNP Enterprise: What are the key benefits?

When you strive to obtain any certification, it is important to define the reason why you need it and find the advantages that it can give you. What is the point in earning a badge that doesn’t bring you at least a couple of benefits? Of course, you can go for the one only a few people know about if you personally like the area it covers. But be sincere to yourself, there will certainly be more than one reason for that.

So, let’s look at what the CCNP Enterprise credential can give you.

It is highly-valued and sought-after.

The Cisco credentials are those that are from the top tier both from the perspective of the certificate holders and employers. After the successful completion of the CCNP Enterprise track, you will have the badge from the market leader to add to your resume.

It is customizable.

One of the most critical factors that allow here CCNP Enterprise to stand out among others is the fact that it will enable you to choose a specialization you need. Although it is something that Cisco used to offer with the rest of its credentials, now it has changed the outlook of the programs by making the Professional level the one where you choose your further path.

It gives you an opportunity to stay up-to-date.

Cisco is all about innovations. With the help of Cisco CCNP 300-415 ENSDWI VCE, you will be able to take a step towards the upcoming changes. The certificate will teach you the ins and outs of whatever specialization you choose and ensure that you are always a step ahead of the professionals available in the market.

It allows you to quickly shift to the next level,
Due to the fact that the core exam is relevant for three different certifications (two of them are from the Expert level), you will be able to switch to another path by passing only one lab test.


Exam-Labs Website is a specialized certification that allows you to choose a certain field and become a qualified expert. It is a professional-level certificate that will teach you the basics of enterprise technology and automation. At the end of this path, you will have a competitive advantage over the rest of the available candidates. So, why not go for it?

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