On-demand music service Rdio to expand to Australia in "early 2012", joins Spotify

On-demand music service Rdio to expand to Australia in "early 2012", joins Spotify

Platforms that Rdio supports (Image: Rdio/supplied)

Finally, we’re getting somewhere! Streaming music site Rdio is expanding from the US and Canada, with the launch of its Brazil partnership and confirmation that it will expand in “early 2012” in Germany and Australia. Yes, you heard that right. Australia.

The news, reported by TechCrunch, would mean that Australia’s streaming music options will be expanded from just being limited to Sony’s anubis.fm and Music Unlimited services. In addition, it brings an attractive option to download music compared to iTunes since you pay a monthly subscription to get access to stream and cache (download a hard copy) the songs.

The company was created by Skype (and Kazaa and Joost) founders Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis and offers access to over 12 million songs online, on many mobile platforms and on desktop. It has also expanded to Roku and Sonos systems.

Rdio’s expansion is hot of the heels with recent job postings by Spotify, who are looking for staff to fill up an office in Sydney. They’re also planning to expand to New Zealand, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

I bet you some people are asking what is so good about streaming? Admittedly, Australian ISPs have put in stringent caps – though, they are getting better since the advent of catch-up television from all terrestrial broadcasters. However, the fact that you pay a monthly subscription to access a somewhat similar version of an all-you-can-eat-buffet for music is really attractive to many, and because it’s a fixed price, you can budget it in.

So, expect the two to compete fiercely in the Australian market coming soon. No doubt that many of you are tired in seeing the Europeans and Americans get their hands on these awesome products.

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