Old circuit boards used to make up 2010 Olympic medals

Old circuit boards used to make up 2010 Olympic medals


Everybody craves to get a gold medal, because it means that for one day (or longer), you were the best at something out of the entire world. The Olympics are no exception, with the medal designs for both the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2010 Winter Paralympics games, both held in Vancouver, being unveiled today. But the medals are not exactly what we are here to discuss, but because they have been made with old circuit boards.

Yes, that little bit of that circuit board from your laptop, and any used consumer electronics, that you recycled could potentially be part of one of the biggest, most abstract and heaviest medals in Olympics history.

The medals will come in two different shapes – a circular shaped medal that will be used for the Olympics, and a squared circle medal for the Paralympics. Each medal will weigh between 500 to 576 grams, depending on the medal, and will feature a signature artwork at the front – meaning that no two medals are the same.

Each artwork that will be featured on the front of the medal are pieces of a much larger artwork of an orca whale (Olympics) or a raven (Paralympics), and a silk scarf will be handed in conjunction with the medal to help  the athlete locate the other pieces.

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