Official YouTube app for Windows Phone is here(ish)

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone is here(ish)


Earlier this year, Microsoft released an official YouTube application for Windows Phones, complete with account login and video downloading. During it’s initial release, it was thought that the rivalry been Microsoft and Google had finished (or at least, an agreement had been made). But this wasn’t the case as shortly after, Google had sent a letter to Microsoft asking for it’s removal due to breaking the terms of service. After some toing and froing between the companies, Microsoft finally agreed to remove the app.

However, Microsoft have re-released the YouTube application which appeared in the store yesterday (14th August) at Version The application seems much the same as the earlier pulled version of the application but there are a number of key changes, including the removal of the downloading of videos, pre-roll ads have been included and the ability to upload videos straight from the app.

However, within the last 24 hours, the app has been facing issues connecting to the YouTube service. Currently users are being shown a somewhat vague error message that says “Something happened, we’re not sure what”. This is causing nothing to load in the app, rendering it pretty much useless.

According to an investigation that WPCentral have undertaken, it appears to be an issue with the API key that Microsoft is using to authenticate to the YouTube Service. The API key is currently showing as “revoked” meaning Google has disabled that API key. It’s unsure why it’s been revoked, either Microsoft have used the incorrect key or the relationship between Google and Microsoft still hasn’t been resolved. If it’s the latter, then it’s possible that Microsoft have released this app before getting approval from Google (yet again).

The app is available to download right now from the Windows Phone Store. Both WP7 and WP8 versions are available but you won’t be able to use it…. just yet. Microsoft are aware of the issue but have not released a statement regarding why the app has stopped working. We’ll update this post should more information become available.

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