NVIDIA announces GeForce Experience - optimises game settings automatically for best performance

NVIDIA announces GeForce Experience - optimises game settings automatically for best performance


NVIDIA has today announced that it will release a new tool that will automatically change the settings of any game depending on your PC – and any PC. From the a hexcore PC to the standard Core i3, the GeForce Experience will determine what is the best settings for that game.

NVIDIA has been developing the system for seven years, according to its CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, and it was sparked by his son. The story goes along the lines of he brought home a brand new graphics card and gave it to his son, who installed it. However, he was shocked that his son wasn’t playing the game to its fullest graphics capacity, with his son noting that he only wanted to play the game.

“As wonderful as the PC industry is, it’s also chaotic,” Huang said in front of the press conference held earlier today.

The PC gaming industry is growing, with the growth of free-to-play and blockbuster titles. MMORPG games alone rake in $13 billion a year, compared to the NFL which gets around $9 billion. However, not all PC gamers are techies. Unlike consoles – which have one single set of specifications – PCs have hundreds. They are all accommodated with game settings, but even Huang admits that it can be all confusing.

The system will take your computer specs and compare it with millions of others it has stored on the cloud, and then it will automatically configure the settings of that game so you have the best possible gameplay experience. All through a single click of a button.

“We know through heuristics, through simulation results, the performance characteristics of every combination of CPU and GPU in the world,” Huang said.

GeForce Experience will also act as a way to deliver the latest drivers, as opposed to searching the web. It will notify, download and install it – all making it simple for you to just focus on one thing: playing the game.

NVIDIA has not announced a date when this will be made available to all.

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