Now you can mention your friends on Tumblr posts

Now you can mention your friends on Tumblr posts

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Tumblr has introduced a brand new feature that now allows you to mention users and Tumblr blogs in posts. Just like Twitter and Facebook, all you need to do is simply use the @ symbol and just type out their username (or click on one of the names when the dropdown menu appears).

As well, the users mentioned will be notified, so if they want to respond, they can. Previously, if users wanted to be notified about any posts that they were featured in – they simply tagged the post with their username and tracked the topic via Tumblr’s search feature. Today’s new feature simply means that you reduce the number of clicks to do the same thing.

The introduction of user mentions isn’t new – many social networking sites already have introduced this feature: Twitter (since launch), Facebook since 2009 (in posts, mentions in comments started in 2011), and Instagram (last year) are just a few.

via Tumblr Staff

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