Note The Date: Samsung to announce new GALAXY Note device September 3

Note The Date: Samsung to announce new GALAXY Note device September 3


Samsung rarely shies away from a cheesy launch event, and while it might be a little early to put your popcorn in the microwave just yet, the Korean phone manufacturer still wants you to ‘Note The Date’ for an upcoming product launch. If we’re lucky the spotlight will be directed at a magician, a confident child-actor, or perhaps even a musical-number, as we’ve seen at previous Samsung product launches.

Taking place September 3 at 11PM AEST (Sydney time), Samsung will be holding three simultaneous presentations for the new Galaxy Note product, streaming live from Berlin, Beijing, or New York. While there are no prizes for guessing what the event will focus on, we’re not alone in assuming the event will be dedicated to a new phone, almost certainely the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

We’ll be featuring the live-stream right here on TechGeek, so make sure you ‘Note The Date’ and get ready for an event that is, at least, unique.

Okay, now you can start preparing the popcorn.

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