Not just you: AWS Summit so far a disaster, bad quality, and disappearing sessions

Not just you: AWS Summit so far a disaster, bad quality, and disappearing sessions

AWS Summit 2020, powered by Intrado, has been a complete disaster. Not only did it look like a web application from the early 2000’s, many users experienced very bad quality playback, and the first set of sessions completely disappeared.

“It looks like all presentations have been postponed?” Ryan Warrener, “I’m not sure what is going on. Now the sessions are disappearing” Jarek Modra, “This is so so terrible” Alex Lee, ” becoming a waste of time, pity” Michael Pascoe.

Videos moved to on demand could not be watched by many
Videos were moved to “On Demand” but could not be watched by many.

AWS Summit Online is a free virtual event to “educate you about the skills needed to design, deploy, and operate your infrastructure and applications” as Amazon would describe. 

Due to the current situation with Coronavirus or COVID-19 as some would call, Amazon is unable to host their usual Sydney Summit in the International Convention Centre and is this time hosting a virtual summit

Common error message from AWS Summit
Common error message received when try to watch “On Demand”

Our love for AWS isn’t going though, and we were still able to throw in some jokes, that amazon web services users will get too well:

it was running on spot EC2 instances, and the spot price went up” said Nick Perkins

It’s a bit of a joke, that AWS can’t hold a conference in the cloud” said Sam Poustie.

PLEASE WAIT.. We are rebooting everything (because) we don’t know where the problem is” said Bobin Varghese

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