Nokia X, Asha and Series 40 are no longer

Nokia X, Asha and Series 40 are no longer


After announcing that over 18,000 people will be layed-off over the next year, Microsoft will be renewing their focus to the Windows Phone operating system. According to an internal memo obtained by The Verge, it was revealed that Microsoft will discontinue the Nokia X, Asha and Series 40 products. The respective teams will go into “maintenance mode” meaning the products customers will still be supported but no further development will be made.

“This means there will be no new features or updates to services on any mobile phones platform as a result of these plans,” says Jo Harlow, head of Mobile Device Sales at Microsoft. Microsoft will instead tempt users from those platforms to move over to the Windows Phone ecosystem.

It was also said in the memo that the MixRadio product is up for sale. The memo has mentioned that there has been “strong interest” from third parties to purchase the product. However, while the product is still in Microsoft’s control, it will go into “maintenance mode” and no further work will be performed.

Source: The Verge

Image: Ken Wolter /

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