Nokia VP: Lumia with PureView tech coming "very soon"

Nokia VP: Lumia with PureView tech coming "very soon"

Imagine: Lumia 800 with Windows Phone 8 and PureView camera tech.

In an interview with Neowin, Nokia’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations Richard Kerris has said that we could be seeing some new Lumia phones with its PureView technology – which promises better photos.

While Kerris didn’t go into specifics, he did say to Neowin that these phones would be coming “very soon”. The first phone with PureView – the Nokia 808 featuring a 41-megapixel lens – came out in June for the United States. It, however, didn’t come with Windows Phone but with Symbian due to the fact that it was in development for a long time and it was too late to port it over to Windows Phone.

Reviews for the Nokia 808 haven’t been great – mainly because it’s a Symbian-powered phone. The camera, however, had a positive reaction from many reviewers. The Verge said of the camera, “This phone’s image quality is so far ahead of the competition that it really has no competition… it’s capable of shooting 38-megapixel pictures that match or exceed the quality of most smartphones.”

But imagine, Windows Phone 8 with the Lumia 800’s body and the PureView camera technology. That will certainly give Apple, Samsung and HTC some competition.

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