Nokia pushes an update for the Nokia N9 - "Over 1000 quality improvements"

Nokia pushes an update for the Nokia N9 - "Over 1000 quality improvements"

Image: Tom Solari/

You would never know this, but Nokia is still maintaining support for the Nokia N9 – the only MeeGo phone that it ever released before dumping the platform for Windows Phone 7. And this time, they pushed their third update that includes “over 1000 quality improvements”.

What are they? Well, it doesn’t say except hinting that that the Mail, Facebook and Twitter apps were improved; and some fixes in network and connectivity. It is really vague. SlashGear has reported that users are saying that the Twitter app now support streaming updates and is much faster.

But this is the third update – what was added in the first and second? Well, you got fast typing, more “powerful multitasking with improved memory handling”, colour filters for photos, music controls added to the lock screen, apps can be closed swiping down, continuous shooting at 3 frames per second, Drive app gets route options and speed limit alerts, threaded view support for Mail app, creating playlists in music player, folders for apps and face recognition. That’s just what is made public in the developer logs.

So, if you are one of the few people that got a Nokia N9, Nokia is still showing you love. And hey, it’s probably the best non-Windows Phone Nokia phone (say that in a mouthful) out there.

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