Nokia posts €1.3 billion loss for Q1 2012 - transition pains, or problematic carriers?

Nokia posts €1.3 billion loss for Q1 2012 - transition pains, or problematic carriers?

Lumia sales have a long way to go before becoming successful

Nokia has posted its Q1 2012 financial statements, and it posted a loss. The company noted a €1.3 billion operating loss and a net loss of €590 million. And why is it, well the company sold half as many phones as it did last year.

Wait, half? Yes, from 24.2 million smartphones sold the same time at the previous financial year to 11.9 million. However, it should be noted at that time, Nokia was still producing phones running on Symbian – the deal with Windows Phone was signed at the same time, amongst the job culling because the decision to axe Symbian.

And as such, the numerous phones running of Symbian became smaller by Q1 2012. Asha is only available in developing markets – so, not much love for Symbian in developed countries as Lumia is being sold there. Plus, it was recently announced that they will expand Lumia to a few more phones rather than just two.

It most likely could change by the end of the year, especially since they managed to get a CDMA Windows Phone in China – you know, the country with a billion people – on one of the most popular carriers, China Telecom. And most of the phones recently announced at Mobile World Congress don’t go on sale until this quarter.

It hints that unit sales were down “primarily due to competitive industry dynamics adversely affecting both our Mobile Phones and Smart Devices net sales” – which could mean that it admits it has a long way to go. However, it also does hint at the problems it have with carriers in Europe, with some refusing to sell the phone to customers since, apparently, no one wants a Windows Phone.

Well it might be in Europe, but tell that to those who bought the Lumia 900 on AT&T in America.

Transitional pains, or carrier reluctance? Whatever it is, at least Nokia has a direction – whether you agree with it or disagree (and should have chosen Android – which I say, what on earth are you smoking).

You can’t say the same for RIM, though.

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