Nokia N9 hacked to run Ice Cream Sandwich

Nokia N9 hacked to run Ice Cream Sandwich

Sunday afternoon. It is hot outside and in. I am at the computer surfing when an interesting image was re-tweeted by Steve Troughton-Smith. The image was of a Nokia N9 running the, what you might say, famous app, Talking Tom. The image caught my attention because of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich navigation buttons on the bottom of the screen which means Android 4.0 is now running on the Nokia N9. Alexey Roslyakov, aka @drunkdebugger, is the person respondsible for this hack.

I must admit, I had seen other images from Roslyakov of the N9 running Android 4.0 but they showed that the porting process was still in early stages. Now, it looks like the N9 is able to run Android apps. Roslyakov said via his twitter that both Angry Birds and Talking Tom work. Android apps that require sound also work though he says “there is no real sound yet (work in progress)”.

The Nokia N9 is a phone that Nokia themselves, and a minority of consumers, were very excited about. Personally, the design of the phone is great, and I would have bought one immediately if it wasn’t for MeeGo. With the ability to now get Android 4.0 running on it, I wouldn’t mind picking one up just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately, you can’t get your N9 to run ICS at this point in time though we will keep you updated as to the progress of this port.

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