Nokia Lumia 900 to go global - may even reach Australia, just not on LTE

Nokia Lumia 900 to go global - may even reach Australia, just not on LTE

Long speculated, the Nokia Lumia 900 – the LTE cousin of the Nokia 800 – is to go global in April. The first country to launch the device will be in Canada, and could even launch in Australia sometime later – but maybe not on LTE.

Nokia has announced that it will bring the Nokia 900 globally, but will also create another version of the Nokia 900 for those where LTE isn’t as prominent as it is in the United States. It will create a DC-HSPA variant, where those on a 42Mbit download 3.5G connection will be able to buy.

So what does that mean for Australia? Telstra currently has implemented such a standard on its NextG network – though in selected areas, such as the metro capital cities. But while Telstra does also have an LTE network, Telstra has not made any indications that it will plan to launch more phones on LTE. The network essentially is a test, since it’s using the much weaker 1800MHz band.

But hey, we’ll have to wait and see until Nokia Australia gives some confirmation.

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