Nokia Lumia 800 to launch 15 March - according to Dick Smith (Update: Maybe not)

Nokia Lumia 800 to launch 15 March - according to Dick Smith (Update: Maybe not)

While all the electronic retailers are opening up pre-orders for the Lumia 800 – if you want it unlocked (the carriers, however, are quiet as a mouse); Dick Smith has given us the date when it will launch. According to their product page, the date to remember is 15 March.

No other electronics retailer has hinted at a possible exact date, many have opted to use Nokia’s “March 2012” as their release date. But, if we are saying the 15 March is the supposed date of the phone’s launch, why aren’t the carriers making a big hullabaloo in marketing? Pre-order pages haven’t started, nor the plans have been released.

They’ve got only less than four weeks – or possibly even more as the phone could have hit a delay.

We’ve contacted all three major telcos about their plans for the Lumia 800. We’ll relay their responses.

Also, if you’re wondering, it’ll cost $628 unlocked. It’s not an arm and a leg compared to the iPhone’s own unlocked pricing, but it’s still significantly expensive.

Update: Just when we asked all the carriers in the morning, then we got a little teaser from Optus of staying tuned. Well, now we know. They have just announced their plans, and it will be on track for launch on March 1.

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