Nokia brings out new Lumia 610 - "most affordable Lumia smartphone" to date

Nokia brings out new Lumia 610 - "most affordable Lumia smartphone" to date

In line with Windows Phone’s spec reduction – meaning that more phones can be made for developing markets – Nokia has announced its “”most affordable Lumia smartphone”. Dubbed the Nokia Lumia 610, the phone features the same 3.7-inch display, but with a focus on being a social phone for teenagers.

As a teen, however, I doubt that.

The phone will also have 8GB of onboard storage, 256MB RAM, a 5-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and auto-focus, and run Windows Phone 7.5. The phone also comes in white, cyan, magenta and black. It will also include all the same apps that are exclusive to Nokia’s Lumia range – including Nokia Music with Mix Radio, Nokia Drive and Nokia Maps (which offer offline support, so you don’t even need 3G to get the map you need).

But what about the price? Well, the Lumia 710 has a price tag of EUR270 (AU$340). The Lumia 610 has a price tag of EUR189 (AU$238). The main market is the developing areas, with the added announcement that it has now gotten approval to launch in China – including supporting network and language requirements.

But with that price tag, it’ll make a good pre-paid phone, or a phone if you simply want to try Windows Phone without signing a contract and if you have money to throw around (and if you don’t like it, you can simply return it within 14 days – win-win!)

No word on Australian launch, but global shipping is expected to start in Q2 this year.

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