Nokia brings out new, cheap and sleek phones

Nokia brings out new, cheap and sleek phones

Nokia is set to popularise cheap handsets with its new and sleek looking C-series phones – with the C1-00, C1-01, C1-02 and the C2.

The C1 trio will feature a flashlight, FM radio with a standard headphone jack and six weeks of battery life. However, the main selling point is that it can have two SIM cards at the same time, though you will have to press a button to swap between the two. The C1-01 and C1-02, both part of the C1 family, are single SIM products and will have a microSD card slot instead of another SIM card slot. It also has access to Nokia’s Ovi services, while the C1-01 also has a VGA camera.

The C2, however, shares many of the features of the C1 family, but also has a dual-SIM capability, with one of the slots being ‘hot-swappable’, meaning that you can remove and insert SIM cards while it is still on. The other one is behind the battery. It will also include the FM radio and microSD card slots.

The Nokia C1-00 is expected to be sold at €30, while the C1-01 and C1-02 will be sold at €39 and €35 respectively. The C2 is expected to cost €45. All are expected to be in the fourth quarter, with the exception of the C1-00, as that will be out in Q3 2010.

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