Nokia 800 ad leaked, airs on UK TV before Nokia World

Nokia 800 ad leaked, airs on UK TV before Nokia World

Four days before the Nokia World event, a teaser ad for the upcoming Nokia 800 (Sea Ray) has aired on UK Television; only showing glimpses of the smartphone from different angles for no more than one second.

The ads aired during the UK’s version of The X-Factor, meaning that it could be trying to hype up the phone before its announcement on October 26, where it is expected to announce its plans for Windows Phone 7 before the holiday shopping season and in 2012.

The Nokia 800, codename Sea Ray, was announced to a crowd of developers by CEO Stephen Elop, and video was leaked of that meeting by a Hungary technology blog. Rumoured specifications include Gorilla Glass screen and appears to have the same polymer body as the MeeGo-running Nokia N9.

The video is below, courtesy of The Next Web:

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